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Saatchi Gallery, London.

In the summer of 2019 Beyond Projects took over the top galleries of Saatchi Gallery London to celebrate the musical journey of James Lavelle aka UNKLE in a manner of artistic collaborations which resulted of what felt like an immersive walk-in album.

As one of the participating artists studios, I collaborated with Satore Studio as creative producer to contribute to this project by creating a holographic sculpture which was called ‘Eriya' (or to feel).


On the initial production timeline of the development of the installation, we began with working with a dancer who’s movements were recorded with Kinect tracking to be metamorphosed later into digital animations using Notch motion graphics. Once the piece was completed in digital form, we used Hypervsn holographic solutions to give the piece a third dimension. Hypervsn consists in a series of 4 winged fans with miniature LEDs that create a moving image using a specific speed.

When applying a two way mirror in front of the hologram, we were able to create an optical illusion in which the digital dancer appeared aleatory on the mirror. The design, inspiration and performance for the piece was the track Feel More / With Less, which was also the song playing in the space where Eriya lived.

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