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Alex Leyva is a Latin artist born in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, México. A small desert town in the north-west of Mexico, bordering with the US. The location of her upbringing was a cultural blend, her municipality is highly influenced by American culture, while in conjunction with  northern Mexican roots. With a strong emphasis in

music, the arts and fashion, the amalgamation of cultures stimulated Alex's interest in studying abroad to explore her path of expression.

In 2007 Alex moved to Manchester UK to study a foundation year in Art & Design at   Manchester Metropolitan University.
The following year, after discovering her passion in scenography, she decided to join the School of Performance at The University of Leeds where she obtained her BA in Performance Design in 2011.


After graduating Alex moved to London where she worked at Proud Galleries, a gallerie on Kings Road, Chelsea, specialised on classic photography starring the likes of The Rolling Stones, Faye Dunaway and The Beatles, by photographers like Terry  O'neill and David McCabe.

In 2012 she moved to an opportunity at Coach,  as a visual merchandiser, where she gained experience in design for retail for two years, working across various stores in London. During her time with Coach she also began working at Satore Studio with artist Tupac Martir, where she was part of a day of the dead event at the Mexican embassy  in London, and a multi-disciplinary festival that took place at cultural centre, The Rich Mix,  London.


In 2015 she moved to Mexico City where she began a diploma in art direction for film and television at CENTRO, a design based University. During this time, Alex worked with  agencies in the city such as Primer Nivel and 23 Grados. This allowed her to participate in experiential projects for brands like Mini Cooper, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Diageo and Nike Sportswear. At Nike, Alex worked in collaboration with its influencers and participated in the development of various projects internally. She spent almost two years creating global experiences for their product launches, from concept design, to execution; Such as the launch of Sock Dart, Cortez and large scale events, like Air Max Day and Battle Force.

At the end of 2017, Alex returned to London to work at Satore Studio as Visual Director. At Satore, she initially focused on an architectural large scale arena for music, art and entertainment, yet to be finalised in East London. Later on, she led live performance projects where the studio provided lighting design, installation design and technology-based creations using reactive sensors, motion capture, vr, ar, amogst other methods of work.
During her time at Satore, some of her most notable projects have included an immersive experience provided for Prada's 2019 Men's fashion show in Shanghai, which entailed a multi-coloured light installation as the opening of the private event, where people were invited to walk through.
A large scale projection for Johnnie Walker in collaboration with Vice Media (via Virtue) and ENB first dancer, Isaac Hernandez. The team intervened the largest skyscrapper in Latin America, Torre Reforma. Where at 246m high, they projected the journey of a man/avatar facing life's challenges, the theme of the project was 'The Journey is Today'. It seeked to empower Mexican Society.
The projection piece was also interactive, people were able to share photos using a hashtag on Instagram, which was instantly projected on to the facade of the tower.
She was also part of a collaboration with Punch Drunk's pioneers, the exhibition 'Beyond the Road' at Saatchi Gallery, London. An immersive music walk-in exhibition from James Lavelle of 'UNKLE'.  The studio developed a
 hologram sculpture, implementing traditional optical illusion methods in conjunction with LED fan technology. Audiences were able to glance at a floating dancer which was captured by a real dancer using motion capture technology and designed using Notch software.

In 2020, Alex created her first large scale art installation as an independent artist, Magdalena. The piece consisted on a sculpture in the middle of the desert of Altar, near her hometown, whose design was based on the optical perspective of the field of view. The sculpture had reflective materials which shifted with the sun and transformed into a light sculpture from sunset to dawn.

Alex is currently open for partnerships as artist or creative director, she develops her own projects independently. Her diverse and international experience allows her to be able to participate in complex, integrated projects, lead teams, produce, amongst other capabilities, in both live, physical projects as well as digital. 

Temporarily based in North Mexico.

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