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Johnnie Walker x Vice 

In late 2017 Johnnie Walker decided to work with Vice Media to produce a media and experiential campaign for their most recent project 'Keep Walking' which seeked to promote motivation to the Mexican community through inspiring Mexican talent around the world.
As one of the selected artists, Vice invited Tupac Martir from Satore studio, for his trajectory in art and technology. As part of the Satore team, I contributed to this project from concept to execution.

The brief entailed an intervention of the tallest building in Latin America, Torre Reforma.

The piece projected on to the building was in large a consequence of a deathly earthquake that shook the city earlier that year.

The projection piece displayed the journey of a dancer, who went on a journey through a challenging maze, coming our victorious. Many of the movements of the dancer, were captured in collaboration with Royal Ballet's first dancer Isaac Hernandez, who is also Mexican and part of Johnnie Walker campaign.

There were multiple technologies used to create the piece such as motion capture, data collection, coding and high end rendering. Additionally we introduced an interactive experience where passersby could have their photos projected on to the building by using social handles in real time.

This project was also part of Visual Art Week, Mexico City, December 2017.

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