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Art Installation, Desierto de Altar, México, 2020.

Magdalena is an ephemeral site-specific sculpture installed in the Desierto de Altar, Sonora, México.
The basis on the piece focuses on perspective, it seeks to explore ‘field of view’ as an idea using colourful transparent and reflective materials since the intention was to be installed in a natural environment. During the course of the day Magdalena is transformed, she neglects her staticity by using the passage of time to show her changing nature.


The piece is a shape shifter, the perception of the shape, the qualities of reflection and transparency, depend on the rotation of the sun and the time of day. All around us light constantly changes in temperature and intensity of our surroundings, just like the piece; the sun's rays pass through the colourful central acrylic structure and constantly transform position creating shapes in the sand, as well as a gradual transformation of the colours thanks to the qualities of the dichroic material.

Magdalena was designed taking into account the hue or quality of sunlight that illuminates the Desierto de Altar, which is more inclined towards yellow and orange tones, compared to other parts of the world.

At dusk, the piece becomes a light sculpture by highlighting the architectural qualities of the general structure, based on a technical perspective drawing, with a type of linear lighting that accentuates the axes. From the beginning of the sunset to the fall of the night, the centerpiece begins to reflect inwardly the colors that it emits during the day, thus entering the landscape, as well as ourselves.
Time is a limited resource and a trigger to become aware of oneself so from a metaphysycal perspective, Magdalena is creating self-awareness in the desert by allowing you to feel present within the vastness of the dunes, generating a holistic experience. As a complement, the silent sound of the desert act as a meditative soundtrack for the project, since silence is relative, there is always a background sound which is still intentional.

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