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F/W 2020

On January 2020 in London, Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi seasonal inspiration was a cue to a collection that was more sophisticated and streamlined, a big change from the signature floral prints that Preen is known for. There were boxy tailored three-piece tweed suits worn over white shirts with double-layered collars, and thick shearling jackets with contrasting trims. There was also a red vinyl coat, recalling one of the characters in the film. Dresses came in an array of ruched and ruffled styles made from sustainable viscose. The designers played with necklines, so some dresses featured sweetheart or asymmetric W-shapes.

Show producers, Pretty Bird, reached out to a creative studio I was creative producer for at the time in London, Satore, to implement lighting design for the show.

Our brief entailed lighting design that would emphasise the circular space. The lighting was embraced by dynamic light tubes that flooded the space with colour. The set was showered in gold and reflective materials which allowed us to bring a powerful atmosphere to connect with the collection and the mood of the show. So we intervened the space with a contemporary mood of light defined by the theme of the show.

Disclaimer : Photographs are my own & property of external sources.

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