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T-10 Launch, Beijing.

On December 2019 in Beijing, SKP-S launched a stylised, alternate universe of a shopping experience, the largest and most innovative luxury department store in China. For the opening, we worked with Kennedy London, who conceptualised and executed T-10, a contemporary cultural hub located on the new store’s penthouse floor, a raw space of 4,000 square metres.

T-10 is a nucleus connecting cutting-edge ideas, future-thinking technology, conceptual retail and avant-garde art and culture. Its exhibition programme, spans art, cinema, fashion and music through curated cultural happenings and other multidisciplinary events.

T-10 launched in 2019 with THE ARROW + THE CYCLE, an immersive exhibition by art practice UVA, exploring the nature of time through three experiential installations. This groundbreaking 12-day exhibition integrated new technology with traditional media across light, sound and water. The launch was accompanied by a two-minute film and interview series, and a live performance by audio-visual collaboration Awkward Moments, for which implemented lighting design during the live music performances.

Kennedy reached out to to the a creative studio I was creative producer for at the time in London, Satore, to implement lighting design for the

lounge space that was specifically designed and created for the launch event of this space, which had a duration of two days.

The lounge was a space where exclusive guests to gathered to network, socialise and create content for media.

Our brief entailed lighting design that would complement the interiors designed for the lounge, an atmospheric theme that matched the modern furniture, but at the same time was subtle enough to keep the vibe of the event.

Disclaimer : Photographs are both my own & Kennedy LDN.

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