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F/W 2019

On January 2019 in London, Craig Green showed his Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. The season’s show notes described the collection as showing how “Green’s nomadic men have begun to disband and gradually discover their individual power.” The individuality of the characters was referenced in the colour blocked looks sent down the catwalk, beginning with black and encompassing tones of teal and dark orange.

The centre-piece of the collection was a rainbow of semi-translucent plastic looks designed to replicate protective packaging. Speaking backstage after the show, Green explained that the collection began with “thinking about a man made of glass, and that idea of fragility and how emotion doesn’t mean weakness. It can also mean strength.” Discussing the techniques used for the plastic outfits, Green continued that “it’s just bin liner but its obsessively elasticated which makes it look like bubble wrap. I like that something so light and so throwaway can be so protective.”

Fashion show producers Karla Otto, reached out to a creative studio I was creative producer for at the time in London, Satore, to implement lighting design for the show. Our brief entailed lighting design that would embrace the roughness and delicacy of the collection, part of the lighting design was functional allowing guests and media to observe the collection with detail. However the structure built for the lamps and the way they performed in the space for the runway, was developed to embrace the industrial and contemporary vision of the designer.

Disclaimer : Photographs are my own & property of external sources.

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