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S/S 2020

On September 2019 in London, Craig Green explored for Spring Summer ‘travellers’ are often clad in lightweight, utilitarian garb, as if prepped for apocalyptic times. Guests gathered in the rain before descending stairs into a subterranean vault, whose floors were covered in black tarpaulin sheets. These were soon stripped back to reveal an ultra-reflective runway, which acted as a metaphor of sorts for the collection’s core theme: self-study.
Metaphysical show notes offer some insight into a collection led by “lantern men”, whose fluorescent, laser-cut two-pieces were fashioned from what looked like oversized plastic bags. Emergency blankets – the gold and silver tin-foil kind – seemingly inspired iridescent, knee-length coats, whereas a series of gingham looks with flowing hemlines and cut-out detailing vaguely resembled ceremonial robes.
A sense of urgency came through in the show’s soundtrack: BPM quickened and fell as fabrics switched from one protective material to another. There were a few Craig Green staples – the lightly-padded tracksuits, pinstriped shirts and swinging, embroidered hands all bore his signature

Fashion show producers Karla Otto, reached out to a creative studio I was creative producer for at the time in London, Satore, to implement lighting design for the show. Our brief initially entailed lighting design, however as we got more involved with the project, our brief evolved to be set and lighting design. The show looked like an endless tunnel, giving the runway the illusion of endless depth, and the models walking down it were duplicated thanks to the reflective floor.

The lighting above structure enhanced the overall concept design, it was minimal, however, bright enough to expose the materials of the collection for guests, the photographer's and media.

Disclaimer : Photographs are my own & property of external sources.

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