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Ongoing project

This project is divided in 4 chapters 

The Sirens

This is Not an Installation

The Gate to El Dorado NFT

The Gate to el Dorado Installation


The Sirens is a video art project as part of the Gate to El Dorado. This piece is a graphic visualisation of the current climate happening across the US-Mexico Border, which is where I grew up. It talks about abuse of power, violence, politics, xenophobia, narcotics, death, money, immigration, but more importantly it asks us to question what we've been fed to believe. To wonder about what lies in between. To not take information for granted as this makes us unsensitised. What you see here it is not normal, let's talk about it, let's question what we believe as 'the truth' and more importantly, let's connect to create a collective support for those who have no resources to spread their message.

"So this place of desolation,

of transit,
in many cases of desperation,

tells the story of many who without question,

embrace the narrative of the land of gold.
Today's version of El Dorado.

The Journey through this desertic piece of lance,

which is more similar to the levels to el Mictlán.

Here, the most marginalised humans of the new world,

come seeking for glory,

but instead,

encounter obstacles that will not only

destroy their livelihood,

but also their soul".

This video art piece was sold on Opensea as an NFT

Disclaimer: This piece does not aim to discriminate any nation, group or race. It stands against violence, xenophobia, white supremacism and abuse of power. It aims to raise awareness about what’s caught between the lines; In the middle of desperation.

First 3 min - video art. Outstanding 5 min - reflection (voice and text my own).


Thank you pexels and hook sounds for the free video and music stock. Edit done by me.


NFT - Coming Soon

The Gate to El Dorado, is dissecting the semiotics behind the concepts that orbit around one of the main issues, the wall.
The story behind El Dorado is a myth, and so is the story or idea sold to people who risk their lives in order to reach it.

This project proposes to raise awareness and impact society anywhere in the world to a level where the information about this project allows them to wonder further from what they already know, or what they’ve been fed by regulated media. It is coming from someone who lives at this place where this is happening and I am telling the story using art as a vessel. Both digital and physical.


This project proposes to create an ephemeral site specific installation in the Sonoran desert, which, coincidentally, in terms of semiotics, it is also a place that carries negative connotations and symbolism about a space of migration, transit, emptiness and desolation.
The architectural design behind the installation represents a door, the door to “El Dorado”, and is largely based on the current wall that separates the US and Mexico. As an artist, when it comes to land art projects, I don’t like to intervene the natural landscape, however in this case, as it has been intervened by man, the structural design emulates the columns of the wall, exchanging its harsh metals that feel hostile, with delicate matter that are reflective, transparent. It uses transformative colours in a subtle way to form part of the desert ecosystem, using it as a blank canvas for the imaginary, as a romantic setting without breaking its natural beauty.


This piece wishes to stand on the side of humanisation, raise awareness and invite people to start a conversation about topics that are happening in the world, regardless of how uncomfortable they might make us. Staying in silence is the same as ignoring the issue. I am currently discussing building this installation with governmental bodies and people in charge of culture and tourism in the locality, so therefore, this project will and must have editorial exposure in media outlets specialised in art, design, culture and even architecture. I mention this because I want to highlight the level of impact this project can have.

Profits gained from the NFT collection on this project will go towards building the installation in real life, so therefore whoever wishes to participate as a patron for this project, will also become part of the project, sort of like a silent partner. I will be updating them on the development of the physical piece, sharing previews, day to day insights and will be mentioned in its exposure or promotion.

I will also be creating an AR experience where collectors will be able to interact with the installation from their phone, placing it anywhere in the world that they may be.

This project will be minted on an ETH blockchain.

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