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Air Max Day, Mexico City, 2017.

Nike celebrated its 30th birthday with a line-up that managed to bring together national and international talents at a party where, to the rhythm of Girl Ultra, N.A.A.F.I., Tokimonsta and el Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, the attendees were able to dance and enjoy the various activities that the creatives of the brand prepared for the guests of this event.

This year, the celebration took place on the rooftop of a building located at Calle de Florencia #36 in the Juárez neighborhood, offering attendees a 360° view of Mexico City, which served as the perfect backdrop for the stage in which the different artists who were invited.

During the party not everything was pigeonholed into music, there were also activities such as the presence of professional tattoo artists who were willing to make strokes on the skin of anyone who wanted it, likewise in another area a dynamic was carried out in which the guests could sit on a bowling chair for Nike experts to care for and clean their sneakers.

In addition, in this event we were also able to be part of a series of drinks curated by Limantour –in the VIP area–, likewise, all attendees were able to enjoy a menu that offered sushi and falafels.

But this was not the only celebration, because throughout the month of March Nike held several events to celebrate one of its most iconic silhouettes. One of the first happenings was a party where La Banda Bastön entertained a night full of sneakers, friends and good music.

As part of the creative team, we collaborated with the brand in exhibition design, production and implementation of activities that personalised the experience of the public.

Disclaimer : Photographs are my own, Bogar Adame, Nike MX & external sources.

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