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F/W 2020

Under the creative vision of Grazia Malagoli on January 2020, Sport Max presented its Fall Winter collection in Milan.

This collection was an embrace of style between a structured mood and a futuristic one, in terms of accents. The sweetness of female silhouettes is imbued with an authentic seductiveness, void of stereotypes. It confronts both the imminence of a hyper-technological future and the pursuit of a connection with a deeper sense of self. A balanced dichotomy between two scenarios, the latest Sportmax collection also permeates a positive outlook that is open to dialogue, encounters and reciprocal discovery.

Italian show producers, Random, reached out to to the a creative studio I was creative producer for at the time in London, Satore, to implement lighting design for the show. Our brief entailed lighting design that would create a dark and modern atmosphere to complement the collection, representing the theme of a dark hyper technology.

The spaced allowed us to play with the architecture of the interior which we utilised to crate a stage emphasising in its depth by using only light to achieve it. It was bright enough to expose the materials of the collection, especially for the photographer's and media. Overall we brought a very edgy, cool and alternative type of atmosphere to the show and the music.

Disclaimer : Photographs are my own & property of external sources.

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